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Certifications & Training:
Craniosacral & Cranial Nerve Training, Upledger Institute, Florida

Meditation Certification, Expert Rating, New York

Pilates Certification, Expert Rating, New York

Rolfing ® Certification, Rolf Institute, Colorado
Senior Fitness Certification, Expert Rating, New York

Meet Tammy . . .

As the daughter of a Naval Officer, whose parents were both nurses, I learned early on how crucial good health is to daily living – and how quickly it can be taken away.

I began pursuing the health and fitness industry (13) years ago as a Pilates instructor, improving the lives of my clients through breathwork, joint-safe exercises and increased strength and balance. During my time employed by a local Pilates studio, I became aware of the additional healing methods known as Rolfing and Craniosacral Therapy.


Having seen and experienced first-hand the consistently positive changes of clients and myself through these treatments, I decided to further my education, and my ability to assist others in their health journey. 


Through the process of becoming a Manual Therapist, specializing in Rolfing ® SI, CranioSacral Therapy, Pilates, Senior Exercise and Meditation, I strive to help my clients progress in ways some of them never imagined possible.

Through the rare opportunity of these forms of compassionate, transformative healing, I have helped to empower and improve 100s of lives across the U.S. Each day I experience joy inspiring confidence in each client’s abilities – rather than their limitations.

I look forward to working with you. 

Tammy Smith

"I started doing the Rolfing 10-series with Tammy to help me through an intense bout of sciatica and piriformis syndrome, and have continued seeing her for weekly fitness sessions. Tammy truly has a gift and a calling for her craft. 

I constantly say, 'No one ever taught me this!'


I'm finally learning the right way to do exercises. She tailors sessions precisely to my needs, making them challenging - yet doable - and most of  all fun!       


Tammy has made such a difference in my life and reduction in pain, I am so thankful to have found her!"                                                                                                                              ~ Katie H.  

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