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Exercise & Stretching


Enjoy customized one-on-one Private Lessons from a Certified Senior Exercise Trainer and Pilates Instructor. These specialized workouts are ideal for seniors and those with limited range of motion. 


Your program will be designed to make you stronger from the inside out. You will be offered a variety of training options in stretching, strength training, movement and balance, whether you live with

  • Chronic Pain

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Neuropathy

  • Prosthetics

  • Balance and Support Issues

  • Other difficulties

Through my last (13) years as a Fitness Professional, I have witnessed profound changes in my clients. Taking this journey together with men and women of various abilities and health and fitness levels, has not only provided a tremendous education in how the body moves and connects, but has brought great joy as I’ve watched these individuals


  • Regain control of their lives

  • Decrease stress

  • Increase healing

  • Restore flexibility

  • Revitalize energy

  • Enhance postural efficiency, and freedom of movement

  • Feel more comfortable in their body


I look forward to helping you in your journey. Let’s move together without pain, as we maximize YOUR results and accomplish YOUR goals.


Book your first session today for a positive impact with powerful results! 

Power Walk

"When I started working with Tammy six years ago, I had poor balance and flexibility, and lots of aching body parts.


Through exercise and Rolfing sessions, I no longer have those issues. Tammy creates great sessions with achievable goals for me."


~  Betty H. 

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