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Individual & Package Pricing

Back Massage

Welcome to Wellness Package

(1) Week of Complimentary Online Classes

(1) Rolfing Session  ~ 75 minutes

(1) Private Lesson ~ 55 minutes

(Focus - Breathing & Stretching Session)

(1) Cranial Therapy Session ~ 65 minutes

(May include CranioSacral &/or CranialNerve Care)

(1) Private Lesson ~ 55 minutes

(Focus - Joint Mobility Exercise)



A La Carte Pricing

55-Minute Private Lessons = $80

65-Minute Cranial Therapy = $120


65-Minute ScarWork Session = $120

75-Minute Rolfing Session = $160

105-Minute Deluxe BodyCare = $225

(75 minutes of Rolfing & 30 minutes of any additional service)


~ Package Pricing Available ~

ayment options include cash, check or credit card. FSA & HSA Cards have also been successful forms of paymentInsurance is not accepted.

"Tammy Smith improved my quality of life. Tammy has a gift of being able to pinpoint trouble spots and always

knows how to work through them whether with an exercise, simple movement, or Rolfing. Her calm approach

makes her more effective. I always feel much better after her sessions. As a result of Tammy's work, I've kept my

back pain under control. I sing her praises highly and recommend her without hesitation."

~ Suzanne M. 

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